NEO’s Wilderness Kids: Meet Kaitlin

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Anyone who has the opportunity and joy to watch kids playing outdoors knows that kids love nature.  In fact, they crave it…whether they realize it or not.  They are just designed that way.  Outdoor kids activities are a must for helping to develop physical and mental acuity in our children.

Kids love nature: Kaitlin backpacking Lost Maples State ParkKaitlyn is a typical girl. She loves the color purple, prefers Anya over Elsa, enjoys video games, and has an opinion on anything you can name.  Kaitlin also loves spending time outdoors…especially with her Dad.  She recently attended one of NEO’s Port Aransas beach camping trips with him and says that has been her favorite outdoor adventure yet!

She loved being outdoors after dark, enjoying the campfire, and playing with the other kids in camp!  Getting to know other kids is Kaitlin’s favorite part of camping.  It is amazing how she transforms from a shy, sensitive introvert to a curious adventure loving leader of the charge.  She becomes all about the business of having fun and socializing with others who have a similar goal.

Kaitlin doesn’t know why she loves being outside so much…particularly when she gets to enjoy nature and look up at the stars…but she really doesn’t need to.  It’s natural after all.  Who feels genuinely comfortable being locked behind a desk under fluorescent lights?  Not Kaitlin.  Fresh air, bright stars, beautiful scenery, and interesting wildlife is the only life for her!

Kids love nature:  Kaitlin plays with a pinata in campShe gains confidence with every new obstacle she tackles, and each new challenge encountered in her outdoor surroundings forces her to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.  In other words, being outdoors helps make Kaitlin smarter.  It helps prepare her with real world skills that she will use in school, in her future career, and in life in general.

Kaitlin says one of the most important lessons she has learned as a result of her time outdoors is to always be aware of her surroundings.  She throws in that you should definitely be aware of what snakes might be in the area.  In Texas, it is common to run into venomous snakes.  For Kaitlin, this isn’t cause for panic, just informed decision making and a little caution…additional skills that she is able to hone during her outdoor adventures.

Kids and nature go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Join NEO’s “Wilderness Kids” initiative, and introduce a kid you care about to the amazing natural world around them.  NEO can help!

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by Jennifer Boley

Kids love nature:  Kaitlin playing in camp with her puppy, Daisy


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