Special Programs

NEO has initiatives to help everyone enjoy the great outdoors! Reach out, and find out how NEO can help you.

Nature For All: This NEO program is designed to help people of all ages and backgrounds spend more time outdoors.

NEO believes nature should be accessible to everyone regardless of age, background, fitness level, socio-economic status, or any other factor. That is why most NEO activities and events can be modified to suit anyone. We also host educational clinics to teach people a variety of outdoor skills and work with individuals, families, and organizations to give everyone to the knowledge and opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Wilderness Kids: This NEO program educates children and families in the importance of spending quality time outdoors as well as the outdoor skills to help them.

Our Wilderness Kids initiative focuses on inspiring a love of nature in children. We stress the importance of parental and family involvement to develop lifelong habits of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking. Exposure to nature is instrumental in the positive development of of young minds and improves critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Butterfly Revolution: NEO helps schools, businesses, and organizations create certified monarch waystations and wildlife habitat gardens.

In a modern world that steadily encroaches on natural habitats, it is imperative that we create as many green spaces as possible. NEO helps schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals break ground on gardens, Monarch Waystations, and Urban Wildscapes through our Butterfly Revolution. This program assists with garden planning and overcoming logistical challenges. We also offer educational clinics on attracting and raising native pollinators and how to create complete habitats for beneficial bugs and wildlife.

Outdoor Seniors: NEO works with senior centers and residence communities to help seniors lead more active outdoor lifestyles regardless of their physical challenges.

Recent studies have shown that time spent immersed in nature makes a significant positive impact on the mental and physical health of older adults. Throw in some friends, and you have a social outlet as well! NEO is dedicated to making outdoor activities accessible and fun for seniors. In addition to outdoor activities geared toward older adults like hiking, bird watching, nature photography, and geocaching, NEO also hosts educational clinics that discuss senior friendly venues and safe ways to enjoy nature.

Special Needs: NEO can develop and host outdoor activities that are appropriate for people living with any physical, mental, or emotional challenge.

Most of us have seen the healing effect that exposure to nature, animals, and even sunshine can have on people with special needs. NEO hosts customized events appropriate for people of all ages with various physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Just reach out, and let us know what your special situation is. We’ll help out with logistics and facilitate an amazing event uniquely designed for you.

School Partnerships: NEO partners with various schools and organizations to help their children get the outdoor time they need.

Most teachers and school officials understand that outdoor activities and unstructured play are beneficial to their students. However, pressure over test scores, budget cuts, and increasing concerns over safety have forced many schools to do limit time for recess and scale back or do away with field trips altogether. NEO has TEKS correlated curriculum and activities that combine knowledge with the outdoors. From hosting events on school campuses to facilitating off campus field trips and even multi-night adventures, NEO is a great resource for schools.