Private Events

NEO hosts private events!

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Help NEO serve more schools, community centers, and other organizations by booking your next event with us!  We use funds from these events to keep our programs available at little or no cost to the children and families who need them most.  Your generous support of NEO in this way helps us deliver much needed outdoor educational and family friendly programs to thousands in the greater Houston area each year!

All NEO events include an experienced NEO facilitator to help keep the fun going!  We can even include “Project Wild” curriculum.  Events may last from 2 hours to 2 days.  We can host activities in local and state parks, your backyard, business, banquet hall, or other venue.  Whatever the location or occasion, we will give you a uniquely entertaining event!

We’ll make your next event amazing!

Your special events help support our nonprofit work.

Private Events   ·   Parties   ·   Celebrations

A boy enjoys making s'mores with his friends and family.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, girls/guys night out, graduation, or any other special occasion, NEO will make it memorable. Favorite activities include:
– Backyard Camping
– Family Night Under the Stars
– Outdoor Crafting Classes
– Outdoor Movie Night
– Mock Campground,
– Life Size Game Night
– Lawn Fishing Tournaments (indoors or out)
See more inspiration here.

Family Reunions   ·   Church Functions

We create events that are perfect for family reunions and church functions. These can last from a couple of hours to a weekend or even week long trips! Need some inspiration?
– Kayaking downtown Houston
– Day barbecue with fishing & games
– Day trip to the Texas hill country
– Weekend camp at a state park
– Day trip to the Texas hill country
– Tour California’s redwood coast
See more inspiration here.

A mother and daughter spend quality time together playing outdoors.

Speaking Engagements   ·   Presentations

Participants in an Outdoor Fun 101 presentation learn about various outdoor gear

We can host an educational clinic or speak to your organization about a variety of subjects. No boring lectures. NEO presentations are fun and interactive!
– Why everyone needs to play outside.
– Tips for your family’s first camping trip.
– How outdoor team builders create happier,
  more productive team members.
– How people with physical, emotional, and
  developmental challenges can enjoy nature
  more easily.
– Suggest your own unique topic or get some inspiration here!

Educational Clinics   ·   Team Builders

Educational clinics and team builders are essential to breaking up the hum-drum of life in an office environment. While challenging and engaging participants, these events also build real world skills and confidence. Participants learn while having fun and developing problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, and collaboration ability.
Team builders can include a variety of activities that appeal to your specific group. Find inspiration here, or let NEO suggest what would be most beneficial for you.

Participants learn how to tie a variety of useful outdoor knots in a NEO "Know Your Knots" clinic.

Apartment Communities

A father and son practice Lawn Fishing together using real fishing poles at a community event.

Looking for a unique and exciting event that your residents will love? You need fun family friendly events for holidays, resident appreciation days, after school programs, socials, and more. NEO will make it happen. Some favorite options include:
– Mock campsites
– Outdoor cooking socials
– Poolside movie nights
– Life size game tournaments
– Lawn fishing competitions
See more inspiration here.

Senior Living Centers

It is vital that seniors stay social and both physically and mentally active. We create events that can be modified to suit all ages and ability levels indoors or out. Options include:
– Nature Walks
– Outdoor crafting classes
– Armchair travel events
– Cultural cooking classes
– Picnics
– Visits to state parks
See more inspiration here.

Participants have a great time learning how to make mosaic pottery in a class from NEO's "Outdoor Crafting" series.

School Events   ·   Field Trips   ·   Career Days

Students learn about various wildlife during a NEO led field trip at Brazos Bend State Park.

NEO has a passion for working with schools to bring amazing outdoor experiences to kids. We facilitate a variety of off campus field trips that are fun and educational. We can even include on-campus events held outdoors or in and TEKS correlated “Project Wild” curriculum.
– Indoor camping
– Family Night Under the Stars
– Field trips to state parks
– Career Day presentations
See more inspiration here.

Community Festivals   ·   Large Scale Events

Large community events are one of our specialties! NEO pulls out all the stops, and is always the most popular attraction at public events. A typical event can include all of the following:
– Mock Campground
– Lawn Fishing
– Life Size Games
– Dry-Dock Kayaking
– Campfire with S’mores
Mix and match from tons of activities!

Families enjoy tons of life size games, tents, dry-dock kayaking, and lawn fishing at a large public NEO event.

Events & Activity Options

NEO can create a tailor made event you’ll love!

Families play Tarp Twister, Jenga, and other life size camp games.

Camp Themed Activities

– Tents – Campfire
– Making s’mores – Lawn fishing
– Dry-dock kayaking – Geocaching
– Life size games – Outdoor Cooking

Classes & Clinics

– Outdoor Fun 101 – Backpacking 101
– Camping 101 – Outdoor Crafting
– Nature Photography 101 – Cultural Cooking
– Fishing 101 – Outdoor Cooking
– Butterflies 101 – Geocaching
Participants learn about various outdoor equipment used for hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and more at our hands on "Outdoor Fun 101" clinic.
Susan and her dog, Monte, enjoy kayaking on beautiful Buffalo Bayou.

Outdoor Adventure

– Camping – Hiking
– Backpacking – Kayaking
– Nature Walks – Hybrid Paddleboarding
– Fishing – Bike Riding
– Geocaching – Photography

Life Size Games

– Giant Jenga – Frisbee Checkers
– Kerplunk – Tarp Twister
– Wall Ball – Lawn Dominoes
– Yard Yahtzee – Mega Connect Four
Kids play a variety of life size games at a NEO "Come Out & Play!" event.
Adults and kids learn how to use power tools while making bird, butterfly, and bat houses.

Outdoor Crafting

– Mosaic & Hypertufa Pottery – Painting
– Sewing & Quilting – Polymer Clay
– Knitting & Crochet – Weaving
– Jewelry Making & Beadwork – Cross Stitch
– Bird, Butterfly, & Bat Houses – Soldering
– Collaborative & Group Art – Decoupage


– In State – Adults
– Out of State – Children’s Groups
– International – Team Builders
– Single Day Trips – Multi-Day Trips
People of all ages and backgrounds love NEO trips like this one to the Grand Canyon.
Everyone loves a fun camp!  Boys play among fallen trees at Huntsville State Park.

Overnight Events

– Camping – Outdoor Skills Camp
– Backyard Camping – Geocache Camp
– Indoor Camping – Photography Camp
– Kayak Camping – Video Editing Camp
– Backpacking – Outdoor Crafting Camp

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