About Us

NEO changes lives!

Nature & Eclectic Outdoors is a Houston based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Donations to NEO are tax deductible.

See our Bayou Greenway Day photo gallery.

Our mission is to help people lead more outdoor oriented lives for better health, happiness, and life balance.

We place particular emphasis on strengthening children and families through quality time spent together in nature.

NEO hosts special events for families, children, people with special needs, and veterans.  Please contact us if you would like NEO to host or collaborate on an event for your organization.

18690595886_115d79b7af_kWe are dedicated to introducing people to the many benefits of time spent outdoors.

NEO kindles a deeper passion for life by connecting people to nature and each other.  We host free events and activities in the greater Houston area every week.

In addition, we host regular trips throughout Texas and the United States.

NEO hosts tons of events designed to suit just about anyone!


• singles
• kids & families
• empty nesters
• active seniors
• new in town
• exploring
• making new friends
• getting healthier
• bucket list
• finding yourself

Come out and PLAY!

Rock Climbing with NEO

We love being outdoors!
Our regular events include:

• nature walks
• day and night hikes
• nature photography
• camping
• backpacking
• picnics
• outdoor game days
• rock climbing
• You name it!

We supplement our regular events with amazing cultural opportunities and travel adventures that are extremely low cost.  Our goal is to make outdoor activities and incredible travel events affordable and accessible to everyone.

NEO in Havasupai

Want to travel?

Look where we’ve been!

• Arizona
• California
• New Mexico
• Colorado
• Nevada
• Utah
• Arizona
• Oklahoma
• Louisiana
• Alabama

Where do you want to go?

Whatever NEO does…wherever we go, we’re going to make some new friends, create amazing lifelong memories, and have a blast! And we do it all in a safe and relaxed environment.